We have lots of animals and I love clothing. What else is new?

I am currently residing with FOUR – count them: 1 (Callie), 2 (Velvet), 3 (Bailey), 4 (Trigger) – dogs, three grown cats and four more kittens that are getting more and more active (read: CURIOUS! RUNNING AROUND!) by. the. day.

A coworker told me the other day, “You and The Boy (except she said his real name because, well, she’s known him longer than I have) need a reality show: The Boy and Kaci…” — Me: “Live in a zoo?”

Because, yeah. It’s starting to feel a bit like that.

And hey did I mention we’re getting another springer in August. OH JOY!

Except really, joy. Because animals are what we love, and if we can breed and raise them right, then why not? (Besides, do you KNOW how much people pay for good hunting dogs? I don’t want to talk about it.)

But I do want to talk about the beautiful, beautiful clothing I finally* got today.

That dress? GORGEOUS. It’s so much better than I thought – totally light and comfortable for summer-wear. I love the way it fits and the fabric is a little stretchy, but not like spandex stretchy, so it doesn’t lose its shape.

The jeans? Love them both. I was a little nervous because I ordered them in size 1/2, and let me tell you I haven’t fit in a true 1/2 since my freshman year of high school. But apparently Maurices runs a little big on the sizing (I’ve been shopping there HOW long and I’m just figuring this shit out? Are you kidding me?) so yay!

And come on, even The Boy liked the tank.

But the skirt is going back because it is NOT a cute short-ish skirt like pictured. It is almost ankle-length and HIPPIE. And though I am and have been called many things in my day, a hippie is not one of them.

Here’s a funny comic.

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