Excerpts from a broken past

From scribbled notes while dealing with wild emotions I’m glad I don’t experience anymore… circa 2006:

memories never got me anywhere i really should have been.

hands clasped, our fingers intertwined,
i can feel your heart beat as if it were mine.
words left unspoken, you don’t have to say a thing
… i sigh as a realize [it’s just another dream].

who’s gonna want me now?

you could still be in love with her. and maybe you are.
… but for now, you’re here with me with a smile on your face and a light in your eyes that gives me hope against all odds.

you’re just some kind of poison, running through my veins
i gotta get away from you and your addicting ways.

[i know you’ll never love me but i’m too sweet for you to hate.]

“i like you,” he says. “i really like you.”
she responds the same, a knowing smile on her face, skillfully witholding the two little words that could shatter it all:

i’d tell you to get the fuck outta here but you’re already gone.

i felt the flames burning my skin
saw the fire and walked right in.

something about the way my tears stain my pillow and linger on my cheek tells me this isn’t going to be easy.
something about this feeling in the pit of my stomach and the way i see his smile when i close my eyes tells me this is all wrong.
let me back in, baby.

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