At last

Kaci’s got her own computer and desk at work! Complete with a brand new monitor (emphasis on a monitor – I didn’t realize I was spoiled at the Evergreen with two of ’em) and neat little keyboard. Also my corporate email address was finally set up. I look at that as an official welcome to the Hagadone family.

Unfortunately, my time here at this desk will be short-lived – but as of now, there’s no expiration date. I’m only here (also filling in as the tabs/special section editor) until a permanent person is hired. Apparently these guys think I’m good at filling in!

I meant to take a photo of the desk but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Oh well.

UPDATE 7.14 @ 8 p.m.: I retract my previous statement. The desk is apparently more of a community one than my personal one. But, like I’ve heard so many times before, that’s going to change…

UPDATE 7.16 @ 9:45 p.m.: Added the photo. There it is, complete with tiger desktop background, (small) stack of Chronicles (right), journalistic quotes that you probably can’t read, a Pirates of the Caribbean calendar and photos of Peter, my nieces and I that have surprisingly only prompted one person to ask if they were my children.

You’ll also notice the Dayton High School Class of 2004 mug with my name on the front. What you don’t see and what most of you probably don’t know is that on the back of that mug, every person’s name that graduated in my class is listed. Three columns – two with 21 names, one with 20. You do the math. Go Bulldogs.

Which reminds me… I heard, today, playing from somewhere within the newsroom, the WSU fight song. Go Cougs.

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