Oh snap! (OK, not really)

I got my business cards today for the Chronicle; It’s nice to have them when we’ve got about a month left of publishing the paper. They were a nice little surprise to find on my desk when I returned from our staff meeting.

As you can see, I got a buttload of them. OK, not really, because I’m pretty sure you can’t order much less than a box this size (because really, what’s the point?) but it’s more than I’m going to need in a month’s time. I doubt I would have even given this many out had I had them since May.

Anywho, I’m excited. And yes, that’s “Editor” there under my name. And kboyd@hagadone.com as well. I feel way too cool. And yes, I just used the term “anywho.”

0 thoughts on “Oh snap! (OK, not really)

  1. Just hand them out to people for any little thing. When you mail your rent check, throw in a business card. It’s your nieces’ birthdays? What child DOESN’T love business cards as a present?

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