Matter of perspective

Editor Steve Smith posted about his nostalgia and mourning for newspapermen on the SR’s News is a Conversation blog.

I’m relaying the post for one reason and one reason only: the words. It goes to prove that even editors must write and they can do it well.

And, in the name of WSU’s School (now its own college) of Communication (and because Smith mentions him), a name every journalist should know: Edward R. Murrow.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with everything he wrote in it, I don’t necessarily disagree, either. I will say this: The changing times in the news media industry today cannot be classified as strictly bad or strictly good. It’s a matter, a complicated one, of perspective and opinion. I don’t think any one person’s predictions will come true; I don’t think anybody can predict what the future has in store for the news industry, or any other industry for that matter.

Also, I do think the stereotypical look – fedora, trench coat and tie – is awesome. Ed’s rockin’ it.

UPDATE: I just realized Lisa posted about the same eulogy. Read her thoughts here.

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