“Don’t let your children point toy guns… let them shoot real ones”

With only minor edits, another from Kevin Matisyn, former (it’s a long story) vocalist/lyricist for Evans Blue.

“Stare down the barrel of your 22 caliber assault rifle and shoot through the hole in your head. The one where all your insides poured out of. The one where you rest the candle that lights your way. I will use you to make the dark change into clouds that can be blown away by the air that shoots out after the bullet discharges. The air smells burnt and dry, like your hands, like the back of your neck. The sun has its way with you and what did you expect. You allow all the harshness to travel over your body and then wonder aloud why you feel so raped. Make a mark in the sand and let the rain fill the gaps, it causes the walls of sand to collapse, it causes the walls of your heart to collapse.

“The shallow pool of blood collects in the cracks on the floor and in your hands. Your knees are your only real friend now because they are all that is holding you up. They were there when you were begging for more, they were there when you were begging for it to stop. Unite with the night and write what you feel to be right. It will be the last thoughts you communicate so you better be articulate and to the point. Don’t be bashful, and when you shoot from your hip, shoot to kill.”

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