Rumor has it, I just died and went to heaven.

This is why I love Yahoo!

I knew from the second (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT kindof) I saw what’s-his-name’s face all screwed up, effectively turning him into Two Face, that there was almost definitely going to be another movie after The Dark Knight. I mean, they left it wide open. But never in a million years would I have dreamt it…

Batman + Johnny Depp = eternal bliss. AND Johnny Depp as the Riddler? omg yes plz.

Granted, it’s just a rumor – one qualified by writer Mike Krumboltz by saying that Crispin Glover (who?) was to play the Joker we all know Heath Ledger (RIP and love and stuff) kicked ass at. Anyway, I hope hope hope it’s true. For anybody that’s known me for any amount of time, you know I heart Johnny Depp. Lately (OK, solely because of The Dark Knight), I’ve had a crush on Christian Bale… but Johnny’s my true love.

Thought I must agree with Krumboltz… Catwoman would probably be the wisest choice for Batman’s next villain. I’d personally love to see Jessica Biel in the role.

But Johnny would make an excellent Riddler, no?

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