30-Day Letter Project: 1

Hey you,

I mean, yeah. We’ve been through a shitshow or two in our day. Break ups and break throughs, heart aches and heart breaks. We’ve loved and laughed together, cried together. We’ve cussed and screamed and yelled and fought together, for each other, AT each other.

But really, what best friends haven’t? I don’t know what it is about us that makes us think we’re so damn special. But fuck it, we are damn special.

Nobody else has been there for me quite the same way you have. Sure, at my lowest of lows, you weren’t the only one there. And at my highest of highs, my proudest moments, you weren’t the only one there, either. But you were there, always, at both of those times.

It’s all the in-betweens, though. You’re always there for the in-betweens. The normal everydays. The damn it, he didn’t do the dishes and the OHMYGOD I can’t believe she’s pregnant/they’re married/HEDIDWHAT?!s. The Mamma Mia! revelations and yeah, I still love Sex and the City. It’s the Pullman memories and knowing there’s more, so much more, in the future.

It’s the in-betweens.

I love the in-betweens.

{Day 1: Your best friend}

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