Velvet gets a new toy

If you don’t care much about Velvet or incredibly cute dogs in general, this post probably won’t interest you much.

Pete and I went to Big R yesterday to get the boots I’ve been craving for a year now (I can’t find a picture of them online and since I still haven’t found my camera and my phone is gone, I can’t take a picture of them) and we decided to get something special for Velvet.

She loved the plush pillow toy, with squeaker, that’s at Mom’s so we thought we’d get her a similar one. There was a whole line of AKC toys like the fox, right, including ducks and I don’t even remember what else. I thought the fox was cute and Pete said it’s small enough to be comfy for Velvet and her tinyness, so we got it. It’s got two squeakers – one in the chest and another in the tail. We just discovered the second one in the tail today but I think Velvet had it figured out awhile ago.

At first she wasn’t too sure about the intruder, but after getting acquainted with it, Velvet’s been packing the thing around in her mouth pretty much 24/7. Pete said it looks like she caught a squirrel, I think it’s adorable. I love hearing a random squeak when I’m in the bedroom and she’s playing in the living room. She started to get a little rowdy with it, and to ensure she has the toy to play with for longer than a day, I’m not letting her have it over night – there’s already one bald spot on it from where she’s tore into it. I really wish I could take a picture of her with it in her mouth… it’s adoooorable!

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