30-Day Letter Project: 3

To the two people who have done more for me than all the rest of the people in the world: You are amazing.

I know we don’t have the traditional mother-daughter relationship, Mom, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are so many girls out there who are terrified their mom will find out they drink, or sleep in the same bed with their boyfriend, or cuss, or hundreds of other things. I’m lucky enough that I can talk to you about any one of those things, without feeling threatened. There’s a certain level of comfort and understanding and I am so thankful for that.

But I know when the time comes, you can and do throw on the “mom” hat and take care of business. And you DO take care of business. I don’t know anybody else so fearless, so strong, so brave. You do what you have to, and you do it well. Buy a house on your own while raising three kids by yourself? No problem. Raise three kids to be smart, responsible, well-rounded adults? You did that.

Stepdad: What can I say? You’ve taken me in and loved me and cared for me more than a reasonable person could expect, more than I could have expected. It was understood from Day 1 that I have a father and you were not taking his place – you never tried to. I can’t thank you enough for respecting that.

I love you both.

{Day 3: Your parents}

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