Space invaders, et. al.

It’s Fair week here in Grant County, and it’s a bigger deal here than it’s been anywhere I’ve lived. The Herald’s been running a minimum of two stories about the Fair daily and a majority of the news staff took a trip together yesterday to enjoy some of the festivities. I was at the fair here last year with Pete, so I took comfort in knowing I wasn’t a complete virgin, for lack of a better term.

The Spaceburgers are a staple at the Grant County Fair. They started sometime in the 1960s and are, apparently, very popular. I didn’t try one last year when I was here with Peter, but I saw the sign and was intrigued. So when my editor told me that, as one of the three new members of the news staff for this year’s Fair, I had to try a Spaceburger, I didn’t object much.

I should have.

Don’t let the picture fool you – unless, of course, that is you can detect the sarcasm. Spaceburgers may be a tasty treat for others, but not for me. I was only able to choke down four or five bites before I had to give up and throw the thing away. By that time, I had absolutely no appetite left and thus wouldn’t allow myself to get one of the foot-long corn dogs that I know are delicious (from a different vendor).

Next is my favorite part of the Grant County Fair – or any fair, for that matter: the rodeo. I think I might know where my camera is, so hopefully I have some photos from that and the mud bogs in Othello as well.

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