30-Day Letter Project: 8

There aren’t a lot of other bloggers I’d consider a friend.

There are some I’d love to call my friend – like Kyla or Nicole or Sleepy Jane or EP or Erin or Jamie or Ev’Yan or Kerri or Doni or Renee or Brandy or Lauren or Ben or Peter or or OR!!! – but that would be a lie… a stretch, at best.

The truth is, there’s only one I’d be comfortable calling for a chat, or flying to another state to visit, one on one. (Not by choice, of course, because all those beautiful people (AND MORE) I mentioned above? Love. But, ya know, if I flew to see them I’d basically have attained stalker status at that point. Which I’d be kind of alright with, but I’m not sure they would be!)

Lauren is… well, Lauren is a lot of things. I’ve written about her before, but that post got lost in the debris of many a website hosting terror so I can’t link to it. I CAN however, give you an excerpt:

It all started idunnohowlongago (sometime over the summer), when Lauren commented on my wordpress.com blog.

“Hey! Where have you been?” she wrote. “It’s been too months and no new posts :(

She was, obviously, having a blonde moment. (No, really. Just ask her. Her words, not mine.)

The rest is pretty much history.

And by that, I mean we’ve become, at least on some level, friends. Email, gchat, exchanging phone numbers. We’ve learned we have a lot in common.

And, I mean, the girl made kacijohanna.com happen. Single-handedly. (Though we’re still working on the whole kacijohanna.com not redirecting to the blog site, but WHATEV it’s just being rude.)

You should go check her out at The Off Beat Report. She’s a writer and not too shabby of a photographer, either.

Anyway. She’s the first friend I’ve made through blogging. And it makes me want to keep going.

Same’s true today. If you haven’t checked out Lauren’s site yet, I highly recommend you do so. Like, NOW.

{Day 8: Your favorite internet friend}

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3 thoughts on “30-Day Letter Project: 8

  1. Hey! You can call me friend 🙂 We're just… earlier friends, that's all 🙂 You're right about Lauren – I just found her not too long ago and she's an excellent writer and phenomenal human being. Can't wait to get to know BOTH of you better. And if you ever DO find yourself in a state I'm in (for now, that's Colorado), you'd better look me up and say hi 🙂

  2. Aw, Doniree, thank you! “Earlier friends,” I kinda like that. 🙂 And you better believe that if I ever find myself in Colorado and I know you're there, I'll do more than just say hi!

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