Olympic watch: New crush

It’s been a late-night ritual for me that past couple nights to watch the Olympics. From beach volleyball (both the U.S. women and men have made it to the finals) to gymnastics and BMX racing.
Now it’s the men’s 200-meter run semi-finals (or something, I just know it’s not the finals) and I find myself rooting for Usain Bolt over the Americans in the same heat. I’m glad Walter Dix wasn’t in the same heat or I would have been really torn.
The reason for this post is simple, though slightly immature: He’s cute. Maybe a little over-confident, but the guy’s fast! And what makes him even cooler? He was born in August 1986. Hmm… reminds me of something.
There’s so much else I could say about the Olympics, but so little energy to say it… so I’ll leave it at, “America! Fuck yeah!

UPDATE: Turns out my crush (who is already falling on the crush-ometer) is a badass.

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