If he weren’t such a sick man, I might feel sorry for Joseph Duncan.

I’ve known of this story for too long now but for some reason was prompted to dig deeper than just in the news media. I found his blog and for the first time since I heard about the horrible things he did, cried. His reality is obviously very distorted – it doesn’t take a psychologist to see that. His paranoia is shocking.

I cried for Dylan Groene and for Shasta Groene, for their mother, her boyfriend and their father. I cried for the boy, now grown, whom Duncan also molested so many years ago. I cried for all the children and adults who have experienced these hells.

But mostly, I cried because people like Duncan have always existed and will always exist. As far as we can go to punish these people, there is nothing we can do to stop them. They were here yesterday, are here today and will be here tomorrow.

I cried because it scares me. I’m scared to live in this world but more than that I’m afraid to bring more people into this world. I cried because as much as I want to someday be a mother, these people make me hesitate.

I cried because as much as I believe no person has the right to take another’s life, I think Duncan deserves to die. And I cried because he and his kind cause me to think hypocritically.

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