30-Day Letter Project: 24


I can’t believe it’s been so long… SO long. I wasn’t even in double digits yet, age-wise… and here I now, closing in on 25. I’ve spent more of my life missing you than actually enjoying you, more of my life doing my best to not forget you than being with you.

But for those first years of my life, you were all but my everything. I lived with you a lot of the time – you took care of me like a mother, spoiled me like a grandmother.

You gave me so many of my first – and best – memories. Camping on the Tucannon all summer long, pinochle, Oreos… the list goes on.

And I can’t forget… who else could have taught me to use the word “fuck” so eloquently?

Photo: Scott Butner

{Day 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory}

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