30-Day Letter Project: 27 & 28


I mean, really? I’m supposed to remember someone from my past that I only knew for one day?

Not gonna happen, people. Friendliest person? Dudes, I seriously don’t even know. I can barely remember the people I’ve known for years, so if I knew you for less than 24 hours? Forget it. I have a horrible memory.


I know I’m lucky, because I know a lot of people can’t honestly say they like their boss. Most people can’t honestly say they enjoy the company of their boss, and most people certainly can’t honestly say they would consider their boss a friend.

But I do. I can. I’m thankful for you, not just because you gave me this wonderful job that I am, each and every day, so grateful for… but because of who you are. You’re a really great person and you’ve already helped me through some difficult times, both professionally and personally. One time, during an after-work social event, you said something in passing about how I’m “like a daughter” to you, and it stuck with me. It almost sounds creepy, but that’s kind of how it is, isn’t it?

Photo: Stefan Klopp

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