I spy with my little eye…

Your bias in the news! You bastards!

With this new online tool called SpinSpotter (or is it Spinspotter?) and its Spinoculars (really?), in its “very beta” stage, users can spot news bias, too.

Because it only works in Firefox 3 as of now, I had to download it (get it here). I use Firefox frequently (though not always, because it’s not always compatible with my beloved MySpace) but somehow I didn’t have the latest version and no, I have no idea how I didn’t have it. Anyway, I do now and that’s what matters.

I found SpinSpotter via Romenesko and the whole idea behind it is – you guessed it – to find the spin/slant/bias in news stories. I don’t know how it works and I don’t pretend to but you can read about it here.

These cats are clever, let me tell you:

“All the news that’s fit to de-spin.”

“Spin doesn’t belong in the news. It’s like putting motor oil in the mojito.”

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