Life is hard but there is honor in trying

I can see you’re passing by the buildings and the cars that drive at various speeds. If it wasn’t for the changes in velocity you’d feel like you weren’t moving at all. The buildings act like beacons and landmarks. They act to show you that there is a rhyme and a reason to standing still. The cars are like your ideals and sometimes it takes seeing the world moving around you to truly know that you’re moving along with it at some kind of pace.

There’s only one thing that moves faster and that is the ideas that spin around your head. It’s like a flock of birds that have nowhere to land. There are no buildings. It’s odd how thoughts come rushing in and out of focus. It’s hearing a simple tune and being reminded in a way that makes your ears burn. It’s like seeing a familiar model of car and your eyes burn but in a different way.

The easiest way to remember something is to try and forget it. You can stare forever at a tree and always see the forest in your peripheral no matter how much you focus on that one object. It’s cold and it’s pointless even though it’s soaked in a sun that has a proven agenda. You can run for cover but you’ll always be seen. The buildings wont move but that wont stop the world from moving around you. When the right angle is met, the light will filter through and you will be found out.

It’s the climactic scene and it’s one that will change everthing. Once that light hits you’ll find a new warmth and the darkness you were hiding in will be gone. The cars and the buildings will seem like they’re one. You wont know if things are moving at the same speed or if they aren’t moving at all. You wont care because you’ll be in control of it all and you’ll know one thing. You’ll know that life is hard but there is honor in trying.

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