The Kitten Expedition & Photo Edition

I left work early yesterday and stayed home from work today – sick. Not “sick” as in “awesome,” but “sick” as in I’M SICK and I’m sick of being sick. Totally. I won’t go into detail because, well, trust me… you don’t want that.

But this evening I started to feel a little better. Well enough, in fact, that I was able to be vertical for longer than it takes me to walk from our bedroom to the couch in the living room. Joy! The Boy and I decided the kittens needed some more time outside, so we locked the dogs in the house…

Caliber, Velvet and Bailey

and outside we went.


The kittens had never been in the flower bed before!

"Mustache" or "Mustachio" or "Pistachio"

“This would be a really good time to get some good pictures of them,” The Boy told me. So I did. (I uploaded the rest to Flickr. Or at least, I will. Eventually.)

“Those flowers are kind of pretty,” I thought to myself. So I took some pictures of them, sans-kittens.

The yellow ones the kittens were photographed with… Not all of them are quite as, um, alive, as these.

Roses! We have a whole row of roses. All kinds of roses. Red roses. Pink roses. Big roses. Mini roses. Live roses but mostly half-dead roses.

See? Pretty roses. But… half-dead roses. They’re doing better than when we moved in, though, I’ll tell you that much.

So after running around taking pictures of the kittens and half-dead flowers, I needed to relax. So I sat down on our front porch (which is really a balcony) and saw this:

Haystacks and hills.

I looked around a little more and saw our property through new eyes.

I’ve always thought our little fountain (that’s that wooden thing on the left) was cute. Now if only it worked. Also – those are automatic sprinklers running in the yard, thankyouverymuch. (Actually, thankTheBoyverymuch!)

We really do have a pretty great view, don’t you think?

Note: Click photos for larger version. Also, if all photos aren’t centered on the page, I have nofreakingclue why they aren’t. Damn it anyway, WordPress.

6 thoughts on “The Kitten Expedition & Photo Edition

  1. THANK YOU! We're very proud of our little corner of the world. It's pretty rough right now because it was left empty for so long, but we're hoping to get it back to its original glory soon! 🙂

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