J is for journalism…

Thanks to this blog – which, by the way, I have no idea where I found – I’ve been reading, here’s a neat little journalism 101-type acronym for a theory about newspapers and journalism. Read it in its entirety here.

Jonie is, in newspaper terms:
J – Journalism. Capital-J journalism. Investigations, major takeouts, Barlett and Steele, pulling back the curtain to show what’s there, locally or nationally – usually, the bigger the game, the more important it is seen as.
O – Opinion. Editorials, most blogs, letters, anything whose thrust is “here’s what I think about that.”
N – News. Galveston nearly destroyed. McCain says X, Obama says Y. Man helps community baseball league. Mostly just saying here’s what happened; you can look behind the curtain, but you don’t pull it back completely. It accepts the world as it is and reports on it.
I – Information. Listings, community events, theater times, business promotions, garden columns.
E – Entertainment. Not just news about entertainment, but things that entertain the reader – Hey Mabel stories, comics, Ask Amy, those Monday features on well-meaning people not doing anything in particular that exist to fill the bottom of the B page.

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