On weekends in Dayton and shooting rifles

A little delayed, perhaps, but we spent last weekend in Dayton. A shoot (target practice, etc.) in preparation for hunting season was originally in the plan but was rescheduled for next weekend… so we’ll be going back Friday.

Some of my family went out to where the shoot was going to be held, outside of Starbuck, Wash., to do a little shooting anyway. Pete and Des won the two “competitions,” and Mom decided Pete’s not allowed to compete next weekend… something about it only being for rookies, etc. Apparently his many years of hunting and being brought up around guns has paid off and made him accurate. Hooray.

Since I’d never actually shot a gun before, I didn’t participate. But Pete’s been trying to get me to pull the trigger for more than a year now, so yesterday (since work is a bit slow for me nowadays) he took me out to his mom’s outside of Soap Lake and handed me his .22. For those of you who don’t know much about guns (I’ve learned quite a bit already actually), that’s a pretty small rifle… and fun to shoot. I hit the old, rusty, metal barrel I was aiming at on the first shot!

After I could pretty consistently hit the barrel I almost started to get a little bored with it, and since there wasn’t anything else to shoot at with the .22, Pete handed me a .44. A little bigger than the .22 with a little more kick. Yeah, that was rough for me.

But it was fun and we’ll be taking the .22 this weekend so I can shoot a little with the rest of the crew. My only regret is I didn’t get any photos of me with the rifles.