It's not all layoffs and buyouts

I feel the need to make an anouncement, a proclamation if you will.

Alright, alright. It’s really not that dramatic or important… unless you’re, well, me. And you’re not, but I am so here I go.

Amid all the talk about layoffs, buyouts and resignations in the industry as of late, I can’t help but feel a little torn. It’s hard not to, being a recent college grad and working for a newspaper that’s flourishing – I think our subscriptions are up something like 14 percent from last year – when papers across the country are… laying off, buying out and editors are resigning.

I know, I know. Community papers like the Herald are doing much better than large, national-type papers in the grand scheme of things. But still. It’s scary. So why, exactly, am I torn? Because through all the recent negativity in the business, I have some fabulous news… for me.

Nov. 9 is my official start date as the page designer at the Herald. It’s the job I applied for way back in April when I was sending out resumes and one of the few I can see myself doing for any decent length of time. I’ve filled in a few times for the current page designer and have found I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s been a bit of a sensitive topic and I feel bad about her leaving the Herald. But I’m excited to start the job I’ve wanted for some time now.

The new job comes with a new desk and new responsibilities. In addition to the layout and design of the daily paper, I’ll also have the occassional feature and Basin Banter (for Evergreeners, it’s the equivalanet of Street Talk). Also it’s a consistent job with consistent duties, which comes with consistent pay.