An addition to the family

She’s a springer spaniel and will be ours soon – she’s getting her first round of puppy shots on Friday. She’s purebred and we will be able to register her with the AKC. We’re VERY excited to get her… Velvet needs a cuddle-buddy and friend to play with during the day/night when we’re at work/sleeping. Pete is really looking forward to going all out training her to be a bird dog – between him and Bailey, one of his chocolate Labs, she should turn out very well. And I’m just plain excited to have a puppy to play with. Her current owners call her “Lefty” but Pete and I have been searching for other names for our new girl. Some possibilities so far include:
  • Winchester (Winnie): Winchester is a brand of rifles and shotguns Pete enjoys. One of his chocolate Labs is named Trigger and he likes the hunting theme.
  • Caliber (Callie): This name also goes with the hunting theme, but I like it as well because I love the Dodge Calibers. The only problem with this is the nickname, Callie, also happens to be the first name of one of the current owners (we’re buying “Lefty” from a couple here in Moses Lake).
  • Daiquiri: Unique and uncommon. Also cute.
  • Lady: As in, Lady and the Tramp. Cliche and popular, yes. But also cute.

Any ideas?

And a few points of interest: 
  • Less than three weeks until I start my job as the page designer of the Herald.
  • My first My Turn was published in today’s paper – I’ll provide the link when the website is updated a little later this afternoon. My Turns are columns for news staff members to write about whatever floats their boat. We take turns writing the (hence the name) and they’re published every Monday. UPDATE: You can read my first My Turn here. Represent.

0 thoughts on “An addition to the family

  1. OHHH! Cute, Cute, Cute! I love the mismark. Gives a little personality! I like Winnie, although Winchester sounds boyish… could put it in the registered name and it would be fine. 😉 I am STRUGGLING naming Ellyn ‘El Camino’ UGH… We are going to have to get our kids together again. Love you!

  2. Winchester does sound boyish, but I was thinking (if we go with that name) it would be her registered name. I really like Winnie but I also really like Callie/Caliber (again, as her registered name). I just don’t know! I’m so excited for Velvet to have a puppy to play with, though.

    El Camino… ugh. At least you don’t ever really have to call her that… except probably at shows and whatnot. UGH.

    Yes, yes our kids must play together again soon!

  3. The adorableness of your My Turn column made me miss your general adorableness, and also sharing our sense of masochism in design.

    not enough young hooligans have it these days.

    as for dogs, i know a dog named “winnie.”

    but i like callie/caliber.

    i think my past pet names were (im waiting to read pages)

    wilber, showpan, guinea benny, honeynut, francisco, petri, peachy pie, luna, zeus, maximus, claws, and tutter.

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