I’ve been…

I’ve been tired. I’ve been busy. I’ve been tired and busy and stressed and exhausted.

Sunday was a bad day. And not just in the oh fuck I stubbed my toe when I woke up and then we didn’t have any milk so how the hell am I supposed to have cereal this morning and WHY THE HELL DOES MTV SUCK SO BAD?! kind of way.

No, Sunday was a bad day.

And Sunday was a sign that I need a break. I need to take some time away from The Everything and focus on  The Important Things. And I need to remember what is Important and what is Not.

My relationship, my family, my friends, my mental health… Important.

Twitter… Not.

Staying rested, eating right… Important.

My Google Reader number… Not.

Facebook… Important. (I KNOW, I know. But there is some serious communication going on there, people.)

Farmville… Not. (Don’t. Just don’t.)