Craving change. Craving stability. Craving more. Craving less.

Clearly, I can’t adequately put into words where my mind’s been lately. I’ve been a little all over the place.

Quick updates:

  • Our cat, Sable, is gone. We haven’t seen her since before Friday… so, if you’re counting like I am, that’s six full Sable-less days. I know that I complain (a lot) about having too many cats, but she was The Original Kitty (the OK, if you will)… and, well, it’s kind of fucking sad, alright? We don’t know if a coyote got her, or some kind of monstrosity of an owl, or if she inadvertently hitched a ride to god-knows-where with the UPS guy. She just disappeared. And yeah, you might think that with eight friggin’ cats running around, we might not notice her absence… but we do. I do.
  • We’re having some semi-serious issues with one of our bathrooms. As in, the toilet flooded for no real good reason and, well, it’s been drying for two days now. Two days, people. It’s a good thing we have two other bathrooms to use. #whitepeopleproblems
  • Colt is growing like a WEED! (I hate that analogy, but it’s true.) He’s now taller than Velvet and has more than doubled in weight since we got him. He’s also the craziest puppy I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something because, um, have I mentioned Callie before? I’d love to share pictures but I’m lazy. Truth.
  • I got a new purse. For my birthday! From my sister. I kind of love late birthday gifts because it’s like a holiday that keeps on giving… Anyway. Big Sister got me a Miche Bag – the large one, of course – and two shells! Hilary and Mary. Prettttty! (I don’t think she reads here, but THANK YOU SISTER! just in case.)
  • ALSO for my birthday, Big Brother and Yo took me to see Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd and Sevendust in concert. Two words: Fuck yeah. Also, still a little pissed Chevelle wasn’t there… but Shinedown and Sevendust definitely made up for it. Puddle of Mudd was good almost solely because they played the popular songs… but I wasn’t particularly impressed by their live show.

I’m ready for fall now, I think. I’m ready for change – a change in season, a change in season, a change in my mindset and a couple possibly major changes in my life. I’ve had a thing or two come up recently that have really rocked me, shook me to my core, made me rethink a lot of things in my life. I’ve revisited my past, recalled memories I wish I didn’t have. I spent the weekend in my head, really trying to figure out where I’m going and where I want to go, and I came to the realization that just because it isn’t where I planned on going, the direction I’m headed is the direction I want. I’ve chosen this life and, though every day, every week, every month doesn’t go my way, I’m happy with it.

So there’s that.

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