Best news photos?

Vanity Fair released its list of the 25 best news photographs. Some are classic, some are so striking and powerful they made me gasp, some are sad, some are funny, some are actually quite recent, some are just downright cool (in appearance, not in context) and some I just don’t quite understand why they’re so cool.

I was a little shocked to find a still from the JFK assassination wasn’t on the list – I know, I know, it’s a video and not really a photo. But still.

What do you think? Do you think these photos are deserving? Can you think of any others that should be on the list?

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  1. This prompted me to read about the Berlin Airlift. Delivering 2 million tons of supplies to keep fragiler Berliners from starving (and humiliate the Soviets) is a historic win.

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