The concept is simple. You need to forget who they were so that you can remember who you are. You know that doubts fly fast. They come towards you like a bullet or an arrow or any other kind of projectile that is covered with speed and dripping with vengeance. You are more than likely fooled by a pretty face and a snappy response.

She picks the petals off the flowers that grow on the window sill. The geraniums brighten the darkest night. She pulls each petal and lets it fall to the floor. She never pulls a petal until the previous has hit the floor. She loosens her hair and it falls past her shoulders and down her back. It falls as randomly as the petals. She shakes her head and peers through the shades of brown and hazel in the strands of hair that cover her face. She stares out the window but for the time being it might as well be a mirror.

The world outside shakes when the thunder crashes. She shudders with each bolt of lightning. The electricity fires even faster than the synapse inside her brain. Her thoughts are slowed and her reactions are slower. The rain covers up so much. It blends the colors of the night into one steady hue. She stares out the window and the reflection in front of her echoes the words that stream out of her lips. The reflection speaks them clearly and the image is only blurred by the drops of rain.

It’s like a broken toy car. There are two wheels on one side and it spins in a circle when it’s wound up. This window is a mirror. She is like a broken toy. They both run until they are out of energy and end up in the same place they started. She screams out, “I don’t understand the way I work or why I work this way!” This mirror is a window. It shows a world inside.

You are dripping with vengeance. You are the flowers that grow. You are the one steady hue. You are the world inside. You are the pretty face. You are fooled… the geraniums brighten the darkest nights!

Originally posted Sunday, March 14, 2010 | By Kevin Matisyn

{image: superfantastic}

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