And I don't even live in California

This caught my eye. (How did I find this blog, you ask? It, like many others I’ve been reading lately, have been brought to my attention via Google Reader’s recommendations.) Her post is stemmed from this, which is included in the original.

Background: Californians will be voting on a proposition (Proposition 8) to amend their state constitution to say marriages are strictly between one man and one woman, effectively banning gay marriages. These women (and yours truly) are adamantly against this proposition.

I’m not going to include either posts in their entirety (that’s what links are for, right?) but I am going to highlight a few good points:

Debunking justifications against gay marriage, Beth points out:

  • Saying a marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman isn’t a good reason, or actually a good reason at all. Aside from the fact that other “traditional” things have since been overturned (slavery), a strictly man/woman marriage isn’t necessarily traditional – you’ve heard of polygamy, right?
  • Some say we need to protect heterosexual marriage. OK, let’s ban divorces and refuse to recognize marriages from Nevada (i.e. Vegas woohoo!).
  • Some Christians argue the Bible says being homosexual is a sin. Beth and Meredith, of, are homosexual. And Christian. So they have a lot to say about that (this article is cited). Also, the separation of church and state says “the Bible doesn’t get to dictate what happens in the law.”
  • The slippery slope is, well, slippery.
  • Just go read it.

And then there’s Kristy, whose post on the subject is a bit more… colorful. She says:

Where I live, every citizen is entitled — oh, yes, entitled — to equal protection under law. Two consenting adults deserve to have the same rights and protection as any other two consenting adults. Period. If you think the scary gays should have one set of rules and the straight folks should have another, I will remind you that “separate but equal…is inherently unequal.”

And also:

If your church or your God or your bible or your delicate, weirded-out sensibilities say that gay marriage is bad, well okay! Your church and God and bible and you don’t have to perform or attend or take part in gay marriage. You can go on, just as you are. Tra la la. (Oh, but for the record? You are no longer welcome in my home.)

There. That’s where I stand. And thanks to these women, I didn’t have to get nearly as flustered or frustrated to get my point across as if I were to have written something up myself. There are certain people running in the upcoming election (note: I mailed my ballot Wednesday) that I couldn’t allow myself to vote for because of their views on gay marriage (also abortion, the education and health care systems, the economy, the war in Iraq…)

I encourage any and all registered voters in California (if there are any) who read this to vote no on Prop 8. And to everyone else… well, take this for what it is. “No on 8! Restore love!”

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