4 Stories: Color!


In a whirlwind attempt at getting away from writing my heart out – it’s a little exhausting, really – I thought I’d try out this adorable series via Leigh Ann at Freckled Nest.

4 Stories

The basics? Leigh Ann announces a new topic each weekend, and shares four stories that relate to the topic. It’s a group blog in that people are invited to join in, sharing four stories that relate to that week’s topic.

one: color coordination

Maybe this is a girl thing. But then again, maybe not, because I’ve talked to some people about this that just don’t, well, agree. But my belt, when I wear one? MUST match my shoes. And before you ask, yes, I’m that girl who changes her purse based on what she’s wearing – it’s gotta match.

two: my closet

If you were to open my closet doors right now, you would see… well, a rainbow. Literally. My clothes are hung, sorted by color then sleeve length. It goes brown, black, gray, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, then on to various prints. My shoes are also (usually) organized by color and heel height. This is actually all very important to me – I never allow anybody to put clothes or shoes away for me, because I know they’ll put it in the wrong spot.

three: favorite color

Black. I think – well, no, actually I DID get this from my mom. Black everything.

four: neutrals, neutrals, neutrals

When I dress, though I LOVE color… I dress in neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. Black especially (see above), but greys and tans too. And then the dark colors – navy, dark green, deep red… but those to me are still neutrals. I *might* add a little pop of color in somewhere, but really… neutrals. Some may call that boring, but I prefer “classic.”

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