Thoughts on upcoming dates

  • Nov. 4: Election Day. Enough said? No. I’m scared. Ugh I don’t want to get too political, so maybe I should have just stopped at “Election Day.”
  • Nov. 9: I start my job as the page designer at work. A week. One week… ish. I’m super excited/ nervous/ scared/ happy but I have a gazillion questions still. Is Callie going to be okay at home all day without me? Will I be able to come home to let her outside so she doesn’t get used to crapping and pissing all over the kitchen? And most importantly, will she forget who her mama is?!?!?! As you can see, I’m mostly worried about how my job will affect my babies. I’m not worried about Velvet so much because she’s a big girl and can handle it… and with our newly-purchased fency thingy, at least Velvet won’t have to be locked in her crate. The two will be confined to the kitchen instead and be able to play with each other. Today I came home to find Callie in Velvet’s crate. With Velvet.
  • Dec. 18: My nieces are going to be a year old. One year. I will have 1-year-old twin nieces. WTF. Where did the last year go, how can they be as HUGE as they are already and (most importantly) where the hell is that stop making my nieces get older and let them stay innocent babies forever potion? I got photos of them dressed up for Halloween (Shaylee’s a monkey – with a banana! – and Keatyn’s a lion) and they’re adorable. And I don’t want to see them grow up and go to college and where skankified Halloween costumes. Like I did. Or… do anything else I did, really. MAKE TIME STOP!

So, I’m doing something new. I recently joined NaBloPoMo…

Pete saw something I had written “NaBloPoMo” on and asked what it was. I told him to shut up. He looked confused. I mumbled, “National Blog Posting Month. Shut up.” He laughed.

which, of course, stands for National Blog Posting Month, and am doing my very first NaBloPoMo this November. Thankfully (?) there’s no theme for this month, so I just gotta blog. I joined for a number of reasons, specifically to hopefully push me to write/blog more, which I hoped would force me to become more aware of my surroundings (city, state, country) for inspiration. Also I hoped to find other blogs to read for inspiration, entertainment or both. The latter has already happened. Today is the first of my 30 days of November posting. Wish me luck.

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