Casualties of war

There will be no winner in this war.

There will be no victor, nobody succumbing to glorious defeat. There will be no white flag, no surrender. No triumph.

No, there will be no winner.

Only casualties.

Cold, hard hearts walking among the living, breathing, functioning. It’s an act, a grand performance. Can you tell? Cold, hard hearts just trying to find a home, trying to find happiness.

And maybe that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach will never go away. Maybe I’ll always have a little pain, a little regret, a little guilt. Maybe I’ll always be a little sorry.

Maybe the casualties of this war aren’t visible, aren’t tangible. But the casualties are real. The tears are real. Don’t think my tears aren’t real just because you don’t see them.

Nobody will win this time.

{image: blue sky}

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