I want.

Bookcases full of books. Tall bookcases, short bookcases, all kinds of bookcases, in every room of the house. Full of books. Old books, new books, novels, biographies.

To feel at home. Like I belong, truly belong, and am not just an extra.

To be a star, the star, the center of the family. The glue that holds it all together.

Stability, not only in my life but in my heart and mind as well.

To travel, I mean really travel. Italy, France, England, Greece, Germany. EUROPE. Australia. All the great cities of the U.S.

To learn and continue learning, and to support others’ endeavors in learning. To soak up all the knowledge possible.

To make my time here, now, in this life, worth it. To know, at the moment of my death, I have no regrets and would not change a moment of my life.

I want more.

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