It's Nov. 4

What a day. I’m exhausted already – the tension, excitement and uncertainty, the CNN and hot cider. I’m exhausted and it’s barely 10 a.m.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Not well, anyway. The details of an abstract dream involving John McCain  escape me now, but at one point I woke up and told Pete about it. “You’re weird,” he told me before rolling over and going back to sleep.

This whole election’s got me thrown. Hell, maybe politics in general has me thrown. Where does all this hatred come from? And more importantly, where is the love?

As pointed out by Glenn Harlan Reynolds , every president has met anger and hatred. George W. Bush has been no different, neither will today’s president-elect. Whether our next president is Obama or McCain, people are going to be pissed. So, Reynolds said: “Whoever wins, chill a bit.”

We don’t have to agree on issues, or on leaders. But if we can’t agree that a fair and free election can produce a legitimate president even when it’s not the candidate we like, then we’ve got a very serious problem. [Read the full column here.]

There’s so much I could say because this is such a monumental election. But really, it’s all been said. It is important to remember, though, that there’s more to this election than the presidential race. There are issues such as Prop 8 in California (and similar initiatives in other states as well) regarding equal rights for gays. A little more close to home (for me), there’s initiatives 985, 1000 and 1029. And while voting to choose our next president is a crucial part of being an American citizen, so is taking part in the local government.

I spent a good chunk of time reading news articles and guest commentaries about and by local candidates. It’s important to inform yourself on issues closer to home, especially if you don’t live in a rural area because… well, Grant County PUD candidates aren’t on TV so I can’t sit back and soak up the information. I had to educate myself and play an active, albeit quiet, role. Most importantly, though, I had to vote.

And so do you. So vote!

Though I must say, I am damn tired of seeing this commercial about Obama being “too radical, too risky” because he attended a “church of hate.” Oh PLEASE.

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