I couldn’t help but resist visiting Newseum yesterday to check out the front pages of newspapers across the country and around the world announcing the outcome of Tuesday night. Here are some of the favorite front pages from U.S. papers I saw. Please keep in mind I was scanning through a shitload of thumbnails of front pages – of course the ones with large photos caught my eye. Photos via Newseum.*

Chicago Sun-Times
This is one of my overall favorites. Many papers chose to go for a full-page or nearly full-page photo of Obama with some sort of text on top. The Sun-Times went with one of the most solemn displays and to me it hints at a sense of pride. The only thing I may have done differently was to make the flag black text on the lighter background on the upper area of the photo. Or, you know, maybe not.

Hartford Courant
Victor brought this one to my attention. I’ve never seen a paper do this before and quite frankly I don’t know what to think of it. But I guess if there’s any time or event that warrants something like this, it was Tuesday’s election. Part of me thinks a better photo could have been chosen – Obama’s waving hand is a bit blurry (I know, he’s waving) and the youngest daughter (Natasha? I don’t know) look a little aloof. I feel the need to make it clear that there was actually an ad printed on the front with this on the bottom of the page (Barack’s side of the photo, I believe).

A lot of papers chose to use, “A change has come to America” (or at the very least, “change”) as part of their headline. Other popular phrases were, “Yes, we can!” (or some variation), “Let us summon a new spirit,” “New dawn,” “Oh-bama!” Some other fronts I enjoyed from the U.S.:

Of course, I had to check out some foreign newspapers as well, to see what struck them as important. An astounding amount of papers headlined Obama’s election as important as many domestic papers did. Check out these that caught my eye (photos via Newseum):

Now, I know a lot of these are basically the same: a giant photo of Obama with some text slapped on top of it (except of course that last one from The Winnipeg (Canada) Sun. What interests me is how each photo and headline was chosen from the countless possibilities.

*Fuck, I hate trying get multiple photos to look good on here. It just never works. Anger anger anger anger annoyance.

What was your favorite election spread?

0 thoughts on “Obama-mania

  1. don’t forget about the Spokesman’s A1 headline

    “Obama rolls”

    i didn’t even know what to say to that


    they see me rolling
    they polling
    trying to catch me …

  2. Ha! Yeah Rikki I saw that headline and thought it was weak. There were so many better choices out there, even if they were popular or even cliche… I was pretty disappointed.

    Even if they ARE tryin’ to catch you ridin’ dirty.

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