In this moment: Reverb10.03

In an attempt to travel further down the path of self-discovery, I’ve decided to participate in Reverb 10, which is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next.

December 3: Moment

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

2010 brought a lot of big moments to my life. New job, new house, buying a house. Big anger. Big love. Big heartache and heartbreak. Big moments.

But it’s been the little moments – stepping out on the front steps at work and breathing in the crisp autumn air, noticing the changing colors of the leaves – that have really defined 2010 for me, that have really made me feel alive.

I’ve savored the puppy cuddling with Colt, because I know he’ll either grow out of it or grow way too big for me to hold him like an infant. I enjoy the hair pulling from nieces, pseudo-nephews and friends’ children because, well, children grow up. I’ve stood back and watched the dogs run and play in the snow, or the lake or river or whatever body of water we happen to be near. I’ve driven up my driveway on an average Tuesday afternoon, thinking about how I hate this ungodly yellow and the wooden steps that are falling apart but how this is my home. My home. On any given day of the week, I pause for at least a split second and think about how truly blessed (AND I DON’T SAY “BLESSED” but it’s the only word I can think of that even comes close to describing how I feel… not LUCK, that’s for sure, but maybe) I am to have this job, to work with these people in this town.

Seriously. Driving home from work today, I had that thought and almost CRIED, I feel so fortunate.

Every moment I took for what it was, every moment I lived in the moment, I felt alive.

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2 thoughts on “In this moment: Reverb10.03

  1. wow, must be great to be a homeowner at a young age! i owned my first house at 23.. but, i decided in a big way that that life wasn’t for me. i love dogs too! it’s great that you feel so content with your job, and appreciate those spaces in between that life has to offer.

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