The one about nothing in particular

Yesterday was my first day in the newsroom as the page designer. I sat down at the paginator’s desk and thought… “Weird.” I was told to make myself at home and to get used to the desk. So I spent a little customizing the desktop and I transferred my high school class of 2004 coffee mug from my old desk to my new one. But I know it’ll take awhile to “get used to.” I’m excited, but it’ll take awhile. It’s a big change, I know… and I’m beginning to think it’s bigger than I can understand at this point in time.

The weather’s been pure crap the last week or so. Rain, wind, cold. I hate this time of year, when it’s so clear winter’s on its way. My biggest problem with winter is having to drive in the snow/ice. I’ve had way too many bad experiences that I’m sure I’ll write about at some point this winter. I’d just like to go one winter without having any damage to my car… Is that so much to ask?

My goal for the month of November (aside from blogging every day, of course) is for Peter and I to finally clean out the second bedroom in the house and make it useable (I’m pretty sure that’s not a real word) instead of a giant throw your shit in here and shut the door room. Seriously. There’s a closet in there I’d love to put to use (the one in our room is too small and can only hold about half of my clothes) but am unable to because I can barely even walk to it. Plus I have a crapton of shoes I’ve probably forgotten I own in that room… and, you know, it would be cool to have a guest bedroom for people to stay in instead of sleeping on the couch. Maybe one day I’ll take a picture of the room to post… or maybe not. Yeah, it’s that bad.

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