Search terms Sunday

This week’s collection has some that are understandable and one that made me seriously reconsider some of the things I write about… wtf.

point toy: I don’t get it.

blog: is it really newsworthy?: Probably not.

the designer of the oresund bridge: I posted once on this while working on a project for an international business class. Sweden’s awesome.

you made me lol: Hey, thanks!

i?m happy to start working off the record even earlier than that: Well, I?m happy for you.

3 am, we’ve got to stop meeting like this, i’d much rather be sleeping with you: Yeah, no shit.

photo of obama: I have many a photo of Obama, mostly on the front pages of various newspapers. But really, you’d have better luck somewhere else.

the words this is real this is me: No, this is me. That’s not your name in the url, buddy.

“i’m impressed with myself”: Modest, are we?

made me me comma or not?: Is this an innuendo? Of the sexual variety?

les schwab; dorky dogs; wsu dad’s weekend bowling tournament; the daily evergreen, mom’s weekend

Freakin’ me out, man:
kaci boyd. Seriously, who are you that you’re Googling my name? I have my IP address ignored so I know it’s not me when I do it to see what dirt I can dig up on myself…

But my favorite? gay pisse com. wtf.

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