Search terms Sunday

stories on a stressful day
There once was a man from Nantucket…

buyouts and layoffs hit the herald
Not THIS Herald.

all the layoffs in journalism 2008
Sucked. They all sucked.

12 best news photographs ever
I dunno about 12, but I discussed Vanity Fair’s 25 best news photos last month. And I still think some of them are pretty cool (in appearance, not in context).

how do i get people on my blog
I dunno, but if you find out, you wanna let me know? kthxbai.

I’ve also noticed that searches regarding Wheel of Fortune and my name (WTF! Please stop creeping me out, people) have been pretty consistent and popular.

Oh, and Brian, it would seem you direct a lot of traffic my way, but I know the truth.