Just another Monday

I’m technically on two weeks of break off work right now. Of course, that didn’t stop me from being in the office for 4+ hours today, and I’ll be there tomorrow… and Wednesday as well! Wee!


A little while ago, Brittney hosted a giveaway on her blog, La Midge. A couple weeks ago, she announced that, ahem, *I* was the winner! Gasp! So, Brittney and I chatted a bit here and there (she’s, um, adorable, by the way) and then today, I received my gifts, just in time to really cherish them for Christmas.

Granted, I could have waited until actual Christmas to open them, but… I knew there were cookies! And so I just couldn’t.

Brittney was sweet enough to actually make me some cookies (!!)…

And also sent this beautiful necklace from her Etsy shop, The Two Litle Moos. UM SO CUTE! I can’t wait to wear this! I think it will look great with my new-ish long-sleeve black sweater from American Eagle.

Oh. And yeah. Go right ahead and ignore the AWFUL golden/yellow ’70s drapes behind the cookies. Good lord, this house.

Also, did you see that adorable tin the cookies came in? And all the adorable packaging? SO MUCH ADORABLE HERE! (Hi, Brittney. No, I promise I’m not creepy OR a stalker. I swear. Okay, maybe a little creepy but definitely NOT a stalker.)

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