The one in which I admit defeat

I’m throwin’ in the towel. Well, not really, because I’m not NOT going to post for the rest of the month, but I missed a day – yesterday. I just haven’t the time to post during the week, I’m finding, and I don’t have the will to schedule a bunch of posts for the week when I do have time on the weekend.

Well played, NaBloPoMo. Well played.

A couple tidbit before I head into work today…

  • I’m still sick. I swear every morning when I wake up, it’s worse than the previous day.
  • For reasons including the one above and others I just plain don’t want to discuss, I’m 99 percent sure the trip to Pullman (that was supposed to begin, oh, TODAY) isn’t happening. And I’m pissed.
  • Today at work is the traditional wear-the-colors-of-the-team-you-support-in-the-Apple-Cup day (OK, so I totally made up that name, but only because I don’t know the real name or if there is one). I, of course, will be decked out in crimson and grey for my beloved Cougs (as I think most of the office will be) and am fully prepared to mock the few, sad individuals wearing purple and yellow/gold (barf).
  • Also at work, we are allowed to decorate another’s desk with either WSU (or UW – or EwwwwDub) paraphernalia and they have to keep the decorations up all day. Which means I could totally Coug out the desks of some of the Husky fans (sweet!) or the losers could totally ruin my desk with a bunch of UW crap (not sweet).
  • What’s all the commotion about Twilight, anyway?
  • Remember my cute, adorable, impossible-to-resist English springer spaniel puppy ? She’s growing way too fast, is almost as big as Velvet (who, I should say, really isn’t that big, but is full-grown) and still beats up on the kitten (who still doesn’t have a name) we found.
  • The kitten is definitely a cat, which I’m not a fan of, and we need to find it a new home. The sooner the better, really.

0 thoughts on “The one in which I admit defeat

  1. The problem with kittens is that they turn into cats, which is find if you don’t mind an animal that both hates and annoys you for affection in turns.

    Twilight is interesting not because it’s a wholesome vampire romance novel (Anne Rice meets Christian youth absitence movements?), but because of the fans. I’d hazard they approach Potterheads in their fanaticism.

  2. I agree with Tor. Some of the chicks who have read Twilight (and were consequently at the midnight showing here) were a tad bit rabid. The books themselves are good. I wouldn’t say I’m a craaaazy fan, though.

    I hope you star feeling better. The negative thing about working at a paper is that you can’t really call in sick. :/

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