The one in which I admit defeat

I’m throwin’ in the towel. Well, not really, because I’m not NOT going to post for the rest of the month, but I missed a day – yesterday. I just haven’t the time to post during the week, I’m finding, and I don’t have the will to schedule a bunch of posts for the week when I do have time on the weekend.

Well played, NaBloPoMo. Well played.

A couple tidbit before I head into work today…

  • I’m still sick. I swear every morning when I wake up, it’s worse than the previous day.
  • For reasons including the one above and others I just plain don’t want to discuss, I’m 99 percent sure the trip to Pullman (that was supposed to begin, oh, TODAY) isn’t happening. And I’m pissed.
  • Today at work is the traditional wear-the-colors-of-the-team-you-support-in-the-Apple-Cup day (OK, so I totally made up that name, but only because I don’t know the real name or if there is one). I, of course, will be decked out in crimson and grey for my beloved Cougs (as I think most of the office will be) and am fully prepared to mock the few, sad individuals wearing purple and yellow/gold (barf).
  • Also at work, we are allowed to decorate another’s desk with either WSU (or UW – or EwwwwDub) paraphernalia and they have to keep the decorations up all day. Which means I could totally Coug out the desks of some of the Husky fans (sweet!) or the losers could totally ruin my desk with a bunch of UW crap (not sweet).
  • What’s all the commotion about Twilight, anyway?
  • Remember my cute, adorable, impossible-to-resist English springer spaniel puppy ? She’s growing way too fast, is almost as big as Velvet (who, I should say, really isn’t that big, but is full-grown) and still beats up on the kitten (who still doesn’t have a name) we found.
  • The kitten is definitely a cat, which I’m not a fan of, and we need to find it a new home. The sooner the better, really.