Dogs and their owners

In light of the recent issues in Moses Lakes surrounding pit bulls, I thought I’d share this , via Yahoo! Sort of interesting. For those who don’t want to click?

“There is a misconception that these dogs are violent,” says Dr. Weiss. “But they are actually very loyal companions.”

According to the accompanying story, Dr. (Emily) Weiss, Ph.D, is a certified animal behaviorist. Just FYI.

None of my dogs were listed – there were no corgis, springers or Labs. The closest was a cocker spaniel but they’re different enough that I can disagree when it tells I’m nurturing.

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  1. I think that any dog under stress could become a danger to itself and those around it. I cannot ever imagine my Lucy being dangerous, but I’m sure when she was roaming the streets, she could fend for herself. :/

    It just breaks my heart about the pit bulls because I’ve met some who are the sweetest dogs.

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