Football, shopping and Kitten

WSU Cougars 16, UW Huskies13
Yes, yes, yes! It wasn’t pretty but it was a win. I love me the Cougs.

In high school sports, my high school sophomore cousin in Othello had a playoff game against Prosser this afternoon. Prosser was predicted by many to win without a problem but Othello (by the way, the team’s only pitfall is their mascot is the HUSKY ew… heh) gave ’em a run for their money, including a touchdown from my stunning little cous! Unfortunately, Othello ended up losing on, according to my cousin (the mother of my little cous), an interception in the end zone in the fourth quarter 33-28.

I’ve been dying for some quality shopping. Even the lack of retail stores in Moses Lake hasn’t bothered me since I haven’t been able to go shopping for awhile – I actually like Maurices quite a bit and I’ve been a longtime Payless Shoes girl. So what’s stopping me from shopping today or tomorrow? Well, I still feel like hell and have I mentioned lately I’m broke? Bills > paychecks lately, not cool. Of course it’ll all be better after my next paycheck, but that month or so of little to no work did nothing good for my banking accounts and credit score.

One final note – we’re basically officially keeping the cat. We bought a litter box (we’d been using part of a cardboard box with kitty litter before – I know, I know) last night and even contemplated a few cat toys but decided Kitten is just as content climbing on Callie and Velvet and the desk chair in the bedroom. Now Kitten just needs some sort of real name.

Also, Saturday Social chick … where’s today’s? Boo.

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