Note from the Universe: Turn the page (?)

Maybe I was a little late to jump on the Universe train, but I will be the first to say that whoever is behind writing those little bits of wisdom that pop into my inbox every day is a genius.

I’m serious! Every day, I’m like, holy shit THAT IS SO PERTINENT TO MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, regardless of how vague it may *actually* be.

Like today’s Note from the Universe, for example:

Kaci, is it my imagination, or are you receiving guidance from within?

You know, by the kind of feelings that either tell you to “have back at it” with the zeal of a lion, or perhaps, to finally turn the page, the entire page, not just dog-ear it, and move on.

I thought so.

Well then, may I suggest you act on it, as if nothing else mattered?


That is all.

Photo: Hellmy

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