What’s NYE without a little gambling?*

Inspired by the 365 project, but unhappy with the other weekly photo projects she found, Brittney created the Bloggy 52 – a Flickr group/blog project in which participants post 1-2 photos each week in the Flickr group and on their blogs.

An opportunity to take more pictures with intention, and see others’ pictures? And network with bloggy friends? Heck, she even offers weekly themes for a bit of inspiration.

I’m in.

Here’s my first – it just so happens to slightly fit into this week’s theme, “life.”

New Year’s Eve, aside from the crappiness I posted about earlier this week (which I will from here on out attempt to ignore…) was about Liar’s Dice, tequila (and, well, various other types of alcohol consumed by RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, I’m sure) and, well, cell phones, apparently. Also explosives.

Just a note… probably none of my photos will be edited much, if at all. Mostly because I don’t have any good photo editing software at home, and am too cheap to buy Photoshop or anything. So… you get RAW pictures. Wee!

* I don’t gamble. Seriously.

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