Stolen survey re: Thanksgiving

Thanks to That Short Chick at Late Bloomer’s Revelations for this.

1. Ham or turkey? Turkey for Thanksgiving, but any other time it’s a toss-up.

2. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes? Mashed, mashed, mashed and mashed. Any day, every day.

3. Green beans or corn? Yes, thank you.

4. Stuffing or not? This is more a question of whether you’d like to be punched in the face (no stuffing) or not (stuffing). I love stuffing.

5. Do you watch football or the Macy’s Parade? I’ve never watched the parade and have always watched/fallen asleep to football.

6. How quickly do you fall asleep after dinner? I sleep throughout the day. Wake up, help Mom, fall asleep, wake up, snack, fall asleep, wake up, snack, eat, snack, fall sleep…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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