Happy birthday, Dad

57 years ago today, my father was born. He grew up in and around Dayton and Pomeroy, Wash., graduated from Dayton High School in 1970 and would eventually meet and fall in love with my mother. Randy Keith Boyd was, is and always will be the funniest, kindest and best all-around man I’ve ever known.

I think about and miss my dad on a daily, if not multiple times a day, basis. But there are three specific times during the year when his memory is especially strong: Dad’s Weekend (when I was in Pullman), my birthday (for the obvious reasons and one more difficult to discuss) and his birthday (though to be more accurate, I should probably say the month of December in general). So many things trigger thoughts of him – horses, potatoes, oreos and the color red – and some days, like today, I have to take a minute to breathe and remember.

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