Things I’m wondering today

Some days I ramble to myself. Some days I think I have all the answers. Today… I’m just full of questions, most of which hold little to no importance.

  • Why do I get so many headaches?
  • Could I possibly love any band more than Godsmack?
  • Why don’t we have three-day weekends every weekend?
  • How can people go out of their way to be so rude/mean/hurtful?
  • Is it May yet?
  • Why does food sound SO. GOOD. while I’m at work, but as soon as I get home, I don’t want to eat at all (except for junk food… mostly chips, of course)?
  • When will this cold weather stop? I don’t care that it’s still only January, I want spring. Or even better, summer!
  • How did I get here?
  • What kind of crazy comment will my big brother leave on this post?
  • Think I’ll ever learn how to *really* cook?
  • Am I really actually looking forward to the next episode of American Idol? Yikes.

What are you wondering?

“Things I’m Wondering Today” directly inspired by Erin, who often posts about things she’s wondering.

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3 thoughts on “Things I’m wondering today

  1. I’m pretty much wondering all the same questions as you today. Especially the headache one, the three-day weekend one and and the winter weather one.

    Here’s to hoping that this coming week – the first full week I have had in a LONG time – is OK. I hope the same for you!

  2. why do you think i’ll leave some crazy comment? i don’t think i’ve ever left a crazy…….wait, there’s probably one, but COME ON! they’re not all crazy.

    as for the headaches, are you still grinding and/or clinching your teeth? if you’re like me, you do when you’re tired (not sleeping tired, but physically/emotionally tired) or stressed. It’s a family thing. the other reason is from not eating right. i know it sounds silly, but it’s true. All of my headaches are from these (not counting hangovers) reasons and i know it, so i do the best i can to fix ’em.

    Godsmack rocks! nuff said.

    years ago, the Union developed the 40-hr work week which is still in play today. it’s changed in some places, but is still the norm. sorry. i get 3-day weekend alot, but it’s never enough. it seems the more time off i have, the less things get done.

    People suck. not everybody though, but still….it’s true, people suck.
    wait, that’s not fair. though it sucks when people are mean/rude/hurtful, sometimes we’re just that way. i’ve been there and i expect others to “be there” too. That’s just the way it is. People are only mean/rude/hurtful if you let them get to you.

    what’s so special about May? spring? it’ll get here, be patient.

    the food comment would take up to much space, but the highlights are because when you’re at work, you’re mind’s not “at work” and it’ll go somewhere else. sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s other hobbies, etc…. I admit, the food bug bites me when i’m at work when i’m bored with nothing to do. (though that hasn’t been the case as of late) when i’m busy (home or at work) i never think about food or eating.

    seriously, spring will get here. don’t rush it.

    i’m voting you walked to there.

    this kind of crazy.

    No. cooking isn’t your passion and you have no real reason to (in this day and age).

    american idol??!! i’m so ashamed….

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