Christmas shopping… what Christmas shopping?

I keep reading about people doing their Christmas shopping, almost finishing their Christmas shopping, etc., etc…

I haven’t even started. I haven’t even thought about starting. I haven’t even thought about thinking about starting.

OK, so that last one’s a bit of a stretch, but really. I’ve got plenty of wants (including a separate, exclusively Victoria’s Secret clothing list – and by list I mean items starred with preferred colors and sizes written in bright pink marker next to them – for Pete) but have no idea what to get anybody. At all.

It probably doesn’t help that last week my checking account was down to a mere $18. Can’t exactly do much shopping with that. Granted I’ve gotten a paycheck since then but there are still bills to be paid. Lots of bills. Including a credit card bill I’d rather not discuss (but probably didn’t buy anything close to what you’re thinking)… Have I mentioned credit cards are the devil? I love them.