An adaptation

Because I have nothing better (that interests me) to do and even less to blog about, I’m going to take advantage of some cheap blog post ideas I found. Via today’s Friday Five

I used to nap daily. During my senior year in Pullman, my daily routine went a little like this: wake up approximately an hour before my first class of the day (about 9 a.m.), throw on some sweats (or jeans if I was feeling extra-awake that day), stumble to the bus stop, try to stay awake through some incredibly boring classes, come home, play online/watch tv/eat for about 45 minutes, go back to sleep for a couple hours (at least two), wake up, shower and get dressed, go to work (love you, Daily Evergreen), maybe go out with some friends after work, then go home and go to bed… at about 3 or 4… or 5… sometimes even 6 a.m. Hence the need for a daily nap. I think I’ve taken one nap since April and it makes me so, so sad.

And then, short answers for the remaining questions:
I have milk and cookies quite frequently, actually. I went through a phase of NEEDING Chewy Chips Ahoy at least twice a day.

I don’t do baths, especially in rented places… which is where I’ve lived for the past four+ years. I’m good with having my feet in a tub that strangers have bathed in. That’s enough.

I think I jumped on the bed just last week in an attempt to annoy Pete. I succeeded.

And, finally, I don’t think I’ve properly played in the mud/dirt since these days:

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