A different kind of Christmas list

I don’t have Christmas decorations. Pete definitely doesn’t have Christmas decorations. And while we may be a little on the late side on this… hell, I don’t care. It’s still almost two weeks from Christmas so we’re good to go.

Tomorrow’s the day. Well, not THE day (since I don’t even really know what THE day would be), but we’re going to buy all our Christmas decorations and whatnot tomorrow.

The list? Of course I have a list:

  • Stockings, large – 2 (Pete, Kaci)
  • Stockings, small – 3 (Velvet, Callie and Sable)
  • Tree (still undecided whether we’re getting a real one or fake one)
  • Lights – white, for tree
  • Lights – icicle, for front porch
  • Tree bulb ornaments – black (YUP you read that right)
  • Tree bow ornaments – silver or red
  • Tree top ornament – large size, matching smaller ornaments
  • Candy canes – yummy ones, for tree and my tummy
  • Garland – silver or red, whichever color the bow ornaments aren’t
  • Wrapping paper

I’m not getting any lights for inside the house, aside from for the tree, because this house is retarded. I’m not putting lights in the windows because the windows are retarded. Have I mentioned this house is retarded? I’d like to move out of it. Like, yesterday.

And since I’ve been so severely neglecting Blogland, here’s an update in other areas of my life (in bullet form, because that’s apparently what I’m into tonight):

  • Callie is definitely not ready for the water. I tried to give her a bath tonight and, knowing she probably wouldn’t like running water, I decided to put a little water in the bottom of the tub, then put her in it. Easy, right? Wrong. She flipped. Luckily there was only minimal water damage.
  • If I have to pick up one more pile of puppy shit, I’m going to kick Callie’s ass into next week… That being said, I love her to pieces. No really, I do. But how frustrating is it when I take her outside, she pisses like a good little girl then runs around like a crazy dog so I figure she’s done and when we come back inside she promptly squats and shits? She’s getting bigger, you know, so her shits aren’t exactly small anymore. GROSS. I’ve gone through so much carpet/animal stain cleaner and Febreze it’s not even funny.
  • Tomorrow’s the day for another reason – it’s the company Christmas party! Drinks at 6, dinner at 7. And I’m a lucky girl because Pete somehow ended up (cross your fingers!) with the weekend off, so he gets to go too! I’m seriously considering wearing a dress to this shindig, but might settle for my nice black slacks (to avoid shaving… TMI?) instead. Thoughts? I’ll try to take some pictures (of the party, not of my legs, obviously) to post, but no promises.
  • I had one more thing to list here but I lost it. Such is life.

Here are my nieces because I’m totally trying to come to terms with the idea that they’ll be A YEAR OLD a week from today. Don’t get me started. That’s S. on the left, eating pine needles, and K. (not me) on the right, just chillin’. They’re nine months in this photo. And adorable.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve got a good Christmas shopping list going. I bought a tree about a week ago and just got around to decorating it. And I need to get stockings SO bad. Where are you going to acquire those?

    Good luck with it all!

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